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A student bartenders’ guide to swifter service

You can’t have it both ways. If the nightclub is busy, then the chances are the bar will be busy two. No one enjoys standing in a queue, but then again, no one wants to miss out on the chance … Continue reading

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Start the day right

If you’re working, out on the lash or in the habit of living the dream in front of the TV till late at night, you will need to get yourself a good alarm clock if you are going to make it to … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your time or time WILL . . . WASTE . . . YOU!

Plenty of dates, socials and a part-time job? Lectures, football and then some time to chill out . . . you may even list them in that order, but at some point, between all the nights out and all the … Continue reading

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Writing that 1st class assignment

1st class assignments are a result of 1st class preparation and good time management, not a thirst for too much alcohol and one late night in library on the eve of your deadline. Make time to plan your assignment early … Continue reading

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Are students dealing themselves a tough hand?

They have more disposable income than ever before, but does gambling  threaten to bust the nations brightest? Brian has lost a great deal of money through gambling. He made his first bet shortly after he received his first student loan, since … Continue reading

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Don’t be a mugging-magnet!

  A couple of books, some clothes, your laptop and whatever else you might need for your purpose, if you’ve not got a car to drive home in, or have worked out that it is more economical to catch the train, … Continue reading

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Keep your house in order: damage limitation for house parties

Remember that weekend that your parents were away so you invited half your school around for a house party? Remember locking certain doors, disposing of all the evidence and hoovering up early the next morning? My how that hoover could … Continue reading

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